To delve into the essence and experience of a pure being, a state of consciousness free from the influences and limitations of the ego. This lesson aims to guide participants towards recognizing and embracing the inherent joy and peace found in simply being, beyond the constructs and desires of the ego.

At the core of our existence lies a state of pure being — an awareness that is unburdened by the past, unconcerned with the future, and fully immersed in the present moment. This state transcends the egoic mind's constant chatter, judgments, and desires, offering a glimpse into our true nature, which is characterized by peace, contentment, and a deep sense of joy. Accessing this state allows us to experience life in its fullest expression, untainted by the ego's distortions. Today's lesson explores the concept of pure being, shedding light on how we can cultivate awareness and presence to connect with this profound aspect of ourselves. Through understanding and practice, we can begin to live from a place of true being, finding joy and fulfillment in the simplicity and authenticity of each moment.

Understanding Pure Being: Pure being refers to our essential state of consciousness — the "I Am" presence that exists beyond thoughts, emotions, and external identities. It's a state of awareness that is both grounding and liberating, allowing us to experience life more fully.

The Joy of Being: In the state of pure being, we discover a joy that is not dependent on external circumstances or achievements. This joy arises from within, born out of the realization of our interconnectedness with all of existence and the freedom from the ego's demands.

Photo by Pablo de la Fuente / Unsplash

Exploring Pure Being:

To explore the state of pure being is to embark on a journey inward, toward the essence of who we truly are. It involves stripping away the layers of egoic conditioning and societal expectations to reveal the unadulterated consciousness that lies beneath. This exploration is not about adding anything to ourselves but rather uncovering the peace and joy that have always been present.

The joy of being is characterized by a profound simplicity. It does not require particular conditions to be met or goals to be achieved. Instead, it is available to us at any moment, waiting to be recognized and embraced. This joy is a testament to the beauty of existence itself, unfiltered by the narratives and judgments of the ego.


The journey towards experiencing the joy of being is both a challenge and a profound relief. It invites us to let go of the complexities and desires that the ego clings to and to embrace the simplicity and profundity of pure existence. As we cultivate the ability to connect with our state of pure being, we open ourselves to a life marked by deeper fulfillment, peace, and a joy that is inherently our own. This shift not only transforms our individual experience but also how we interact with the world, fostering a more compassionate, present, and authentic way of being.

In embracing the joy of being, we find that the greatest treasures lie not in external achievements or possessions but in the richness of our own presence. This realization is a powerful step toward living a life free from the constraints of the ego, filled with the true essence of joy, peace, and connection.