To distinguish between the influences of the ego and the true self, fostering an understanding of how each affects our perceptions, decisions, and interactions with the world.

The journey of self-discovery involves discerning the voice of the ego from that of the true self. The ego, often loud and insistent, can easily overshadow the more subtle, yet profound, voice of our authentic being. Learning to differentiate between these two can lead to more fulfilling decisions and a deeper connection with oneself and others.

Characteristics of the Ego: The ego is characterized by its attachment to identity, outcomes, and validations. It operates from a place of scarcity, competition, and comparison.

Traits of the True Self: The true self, on the other hand, emanates from a place of love, abundance, and peace. It is where our genuine desires, compassion, and connectivity with the universe reside.

The Battle for Dominance: In daily life, the ego and the true self often seem to be in conflict. Recognizing what is at play in any given moment is crucial for personal growth and authentic living.

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Reflection Exercise: Reflect on recent decisions or reactions. Were they driven by the need for approval, fear of judgment, or genuine desire? This can help identify whether the ego or the true self is guiding you.

Journaling: Write about instances when you felt most at peace and connected with yourself. Contrast these with moments of distress or dissatisfaction. Analyzing these situations can reveal the influence of your true self versus your ego.

Practice for the Day:

Throughout the day, consciously ask yourself, "Is this thought, feeling, or action coming from my ego or from my true self?" Use this question as a tool to navigate your day more mindfully and authentically.

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End the day by reflecting on moments when you identified the voice of your true self and chose to listen to it over your ego. How did these choices impact your feelings of fulfillment and connection?


Distinguishing between the ego and the true self is a fundamental aspect of spiritual and personal development. By understanding and aligning with our true self, we pave the way for a life that is not only more aligned with our deepest values and aspirations but also filled with genuine joy and peace.


Continue practicing discernment between the ego's voice and that of your true self. Experiment with choosing actions based on this awareness and note any shifts in your internal state or external relationships. Reflect on these experiences in your journal.

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