Have you ever pondered the idea of tapping into a reservoir of ancient wisdom? Or connecting with the very essence of the universe? Uncover the intricacies of energetically programmed fields. At Maitreya Fields, we're harnessing a method deeply rooted in history and tradition.

An energetically programmed field is a lasting and stable energy structure that carries information, instructions, and programs. This structure is accepted and interpreted by our energy system and our subtle bodies.

One can liken the energetically programmed field to a .exe file that activates and executes a program in our system. Energetically programmed fields are created in a meditative state by individuals who have learned to harness the power of their consciousness, often deliberately tuning their brain into slow frequencies such as Theta, Delta, and sometimes very high ones like Lambda.

The energy used to form this structure is the pure Divine energy of the Universe, irrespective of a specific religion or belief. The fields created by Maitreya Fields employ this method, but it isn't something new.

In fact for millennia, people have practiced entering different states of consciousness, uncovering and gaining knowledge and wisdom from the Universal consciousness, which to this day remains undiscovered by contemporary science and cannot be found in books.

Numerous techniques have been developed over time to access the deeper aspects of an individual's true self or core consciousness. Historically, people utilized hallucinogenic herbs to open up the subconscious. Additionally, specific breathing techniques, rituals accompanied by particular music, and exhaustive dances were employed to alter the mind's functioning and achieve this purpose. In some traditions like Buddhist, Hindu, and early Christian Hermits, etc. this skill was nurtured over many decades of meditation and prayer by priests and monks.

Every individual carries this universal consciousness within and can tap into its wisdom after sincerely striving for the truth, dedicated practice, and self-discipline, thereby acquiring the necessary knowledge and skills.

This is the foundation of creating energetically programmed fields – connecting to and extracting information and energy from the Unified consciousness, and then embedding these energy structures into something tangible and accessible for everyone, such as an image (a ‘digital mandala’ as we have termed these energetically programmed images), audios, pendants or other objects, or directly into someone when working personally with them (commonly referred to as energy healing).

Transforming Energy by Envato Elements

How does the energetically programmed field affect us?

Beyond the visible human body that everyone can see - the physical, each individual possesses several intangible layers, often referred to as the aura. The fundamental layers, following the physical body, are the Etheric body, Emotional body, Mental body, Causal body, and the Higher Self or its structures.

The Energetically programmed fields can be categorized into two based on their sphere of influence:

Physical Changes: These are designed for physical transformations. In 85% of cases, they work on the physical body, etheric body, and a person's subconscious. In this context, the focus is primarily on altering the material code - the body, which reflects and demonstrates the state of the physical body in relation to its other energy layers, which we'll discuss in point 2.

All other energetically programmed fields are designed to operate at the soul level, encompassing the Higher Self, subconscious, causal body, mental body, and emotional body.

The transformations initiated commence at the soul level - the most sacred part of every individual. Once changes are made at this level, the energy begins to descend as information to the Higher Self and the subsequent levels until a shift is realized in all of them and an alteration in the external world is perceived.

Once the energy reaches the Higher Self, it gets distributed across various levels, where healing is necessary:

• Past Lives
• Family Tree - Ancestors (DNA information of the body): Every cell in our body carries whispers from our ancestors. Their dreams, hopes, fears, and wisdom echo within us.
• Collective Consciousness: When an individual works on oneself, it influences the collective consciousness, and the converse is also true - the collective consciousness impacts the individual. Imagine a vast network, intricately linked, where each thought and emotion contributes to a shared mind. Essentially, we're all woven into this magnificent cosmic dance.
• Subconscious: Hidden corridors of memories, beliefs, and patterns. Energetically programmed fields light up the path, helping us navigate and understand.
• Past, Present, Future: Forget the ticking clock. In the realm of energy, time is but a mere illusion. Everything exists, intertwined in a delicate dance.

Understanding Non-linear Energy Processes

When discussing the process at hand, it's crucial to clarify certain concepts about time, especially since the human mind typically operates in a linear fashion while the processes described in this article do not.

Illustrating the Difference:

Linear Mindset: Consider Joe who wishes to travel between two towns, 30 kilometers apart. In our standard linear understanding, Joe would get in his car and drive for approximately 40 minutes to move from point A to point B.

Consciousness Operation: However, this linear example becomes irrelevant when discussing energy and consciousness. If Joe intends to shift from point A to point B using the power of his consciousness, he can achieve this instantly. This defies our traditional notions of time and space.

In essence, all the information given by the energetically programmed fields at the soul level flows instantaneously into all other bodies, incarnations, and across various dimensions of existence.

This instantaneous connection or transfer occurs when an individual engages with a digital mandala. Whether they see it, print it, carry it, or use a tool like the 'Digital Mandala Manager', they establish an energetic link to these programmed energy fields.

Similarly, audio tracks from YouTube operate on the same principle. Once played, they immediately connect with the listener, providing the energetic information and commands they were designed to convey for specific outcomes.

In short, this highlights the vast difference in how we perceive time and action in the linear world, versus the immediate and expansive realm of consciousness and energy.

Woman on the seashore in asana with flying sand by Envato

It's essential to recognize that numerous creators are producing energy products aimed at effecting changes in an individual's persona and life. There's a wide range of methods for achieving such impacts. Some methods have ancient origins, while others are the result of recent scientific advancements. Just as in any other aspect of life, here too, one might encounter influences that are beneficial or potentially harmful. It's unrealistic to assume that every creator operates with good intentions, possesses moral integrity, or fully comprehends the consequences of their methodologies.

As it's often challenging, if not impossible, to ascertain the nature of a product in advance, it's crucial to closely monitor how we feel while using it, how we feel afterward, and any alterations in our thoughts, emotions, and life after its application. Trust in your instincts and intuition, and remain vigilant and alert.