Luck plays a mysterious role in shaping our destinies. For some, luck seems to be constantly draining away, leaving them feeling depleted and surrounded by misfortune. This phenomenon, known as luck siphoning, is a deliberate manipulation of energy by certain individuals. In this blog, we will explore six signs that your luck might be under siege and discuss strategies to reclaim your destiny.

Sign 1: Unexplained Misfortunes and Energy Drain

One of the first signs that your luck is being siphoned off is the occurrence of unexplained misfortunes and a significant energy drain. This goes beyond mere bad luck or the ups and downs of life. It is a relentless drain that follows you after interactions with specific individuals. This energy drain and series of misfortunes can occur through the misuse of personal belongings in rituals. Personal items such as hair or nails, which carry your unique energetic signature, can be used to transfer your luck, prosperity, or vitality to another. Borrowed objects may be returned with a lingering sense of unease, or you may notice missing strands of hair inexplicably separated from your brush. These seemingly innocent acts are indications that your energy and luck are being targeted and misappropriated. To reclaim your energy and protect your luck, be vigilant of the exchanges you make and the energy you feel after being with certain individuals. Notice subtle shifts in your mood, unexpected hurdles, and a general sense of being drained. Recognizing this sign is the first step towards safeguarding your energy and reclaiming control over your personal fortune.

Sign 2: Intensified Fortunes in Others

Another sign that your luck may be under siege is observing a sudden and substantial improvement in someone else's fortune, coinciding with the onset of your own unexplained challenges. This phenomenon occurs when individuals skillfully manipulate energy fields to absorb your positive energy and luck. These energy manipulators associate themselves with you under the guise of friendship or camaraderie, aligning their energy field with yours to siphon off your vibrancy and prosperity. Their gain comes at the expense of your loss. Recognizing this sign requires paying attention to the ebb and flow of energy within your relationships and noticing who flourishes as you falter. To protect yourself from this exploitation, set boundaries, be selective about whom you let into your inner circle, and be aware of the balance of energy in your interactions. Remember, your vitality and success are your own.

Sign 3: Altered Relationship Dynamics and Interpersonal Conflicts

An alteration in relationship dynamics and an increase in interpersonal conflicts can be a sign that your luck is being manipulated. These changes are the result of deliberate actions taken by individuals skilled in the subtle arts of manipulation. These manipulators strategically position themselves within your networks to redirect the flow of positivity and success from you to themselves. They may insert themselves into conversations, projects, or social gatherings, subtly working to redirect your successes and positive energies towards themselves. To protect your energy and well-being, reassess the roles people play in your life and stay vigilant for shifts in relationship dynamics that correlate with your fortunes. Not all changes in relationships are natural evolutions, and recognizing manipulation is key to safeguarding your energy.

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Sign 4: Frequent Technical or Mechanical Failures

Frequent and unexplained technical or mechanical failures can be a sign that your luck is under external influence. These failures go beyond occasional mishaps and form a pattern of disruption specifically targeting your ability to succeed. Manipulation of environmental or cosmic forces, such as Feng Shui or astrology, can redirect the flow of positive energy away from you. By altering the physical or energetic layout of your environment, individuals can unsettle the subtle energies that support your well-being and success. To counteract this manipulation, cleanse your space regularly and use protective rituals to reset your energetic environment. Pay attention to the correlation between disruptions and vulnerable astrological periods. By understanding these influences, you can protect yourself from these external forces.

Sign 5: Persistent Fatigue, Lethargy, or Depletion

If you consistently feel fatigued, lethargic, or depleted, even after spending time with certain individuals, you may be experiencing psychic or emotional energy vampirism. Energy vampires drain your emotional or psychic energy, leaving you feeling exhausted. These energy drains can occur during direct interactions or through shared spaces where your energies intersect. Recognizing the signs requires deep self-awareness and an observance of how different interactions affect your energy levels. To counteract this energy drain, set boundaries to protect your psychic and emotional well-being. Limit your exposure to energy-draining individuals and use techniques such as grounding, visualization, and asserting your emotional space to preserve your vitality. Foster positive relationships and engage in activities that replenish and invigorate your spirit.

Sign 6: Altered Luck Patterns

An altered pattern of luck that coincides with new or intensified associations with certain individuals can be a sign of external influence. Negative intentions and thought forms directed towards you can manifest as tangible obstacles in your life. Negative intentions carry energy capable of influencing the material world. When sustained and focused, they create a cloud of negative energy around you, attracting misfortune and repelling positive opportunities. To protect yourself from negative intentions, fortify your energy field through meditation, exercise, and nourishing foods. Recognize the correlation between your luck and specific relationships, and surround yourself with positive and uplifting associations. Cultivate good karma through acts of kindness and generosity, and consider using protective symbols or amulets for added protection.


Safeguarding your luck and reclaiming your destiny requires vigilance, self-awareness, and proactive strategies. Fortify your energy field, cleanse your space, set boundaries, and cultivate positive relationships. By understanding the signs of external influence and taking steps to protect and replenish your energy, you can ensure that your path remains aligned with your highest good. Ultimately, you have the power to maintain your well-being and preserve your own luck, creating a life of vibrancy and fulfillment.