Maitreya Fields®, founded by the creator of the Maitreya Reiki™ Spiritual Healing System, offers a unique approach to spiritual healing that, while distinctly spiritual, remains unaffiliated with any religion. At the heart of the Maitreya Reiki™ Spiritual Healing System is the belief in a single Divine Creator, responsible for the creation of all dimensions, worlds, and living beings across all universes, along with the Divine Laws that govern these realms. This Creator is described as Unconditional Love, Eternal Consciousness, and Clear Light, within which all existence abides. The foundation of Maitreya Fields'® work is rooted in this profound spiritual understanding.

The operational principle behind Maitreya Fields'® offerings involves the energetic programming of audio tracks, digital images, or physical objects with the Power of Divine Energy. This concept is identical to that of the other Reiki systems of Spiritual Healing, where 'Reiki'—translating to 'Universal' or 'Spiritual Energy' in Japanese—employs Divine Energy to foster healing and enhance well-being on multiple levels and may be directed to accomplish specific results within the life, the body or the mind of the individual receiving Reiki energy.

Reiki, today, is recognized as a valuable complementary healing system and is employed in over 800 hospitals across the USA, including esteemed institutions such as The Cleveland Clinic, The Mayo Clinic, and Johns Hopkins. In the UK, prestigious medical facilities like University College Hospital in London, Addenbrookes Hospital in Cambridge, and the Kent and Canterbury Hospitals integrate Reiki Healing into patient care. Numerous clinical trials have attested to Reiki's effectiveness, with a notable report by The House of Lords Select Committee on Science and Technology in the UK, on the use of Complementary and Alternative Therapies (CAM) that stated the following in relation to therapies within Group 2 – which includes Reiki & Spiritual Healing: “We are satisfied that many therapies listed in our Group 2 give help and comfort to many patients when used in a complementary sense to support conventional medical care”.

The Maitreya Reiki™ system is premised on the understanding that, as creations of the Divine Creator and eternally connected to our Source, we possess the ability to consciously connect and request the highest wisdom on any matter, including information or healing energy tailored to specific needs. This practice of seeking divine assistance aligns closely with the universally understood concepts of prayer or meditation found across various religions and spiritual traditions.

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The tradition of bestowing Divine Blessings or consecrating items, such as the consecration of water, crosses, or icons in Christianity for healing, protection, and spiritual practices, parallels the energetic programming in the Maitreya Reiki™ system. It is believed that depictions of certain Saints when consecrated can be used for various purposed like protection, healing, child bearing, safe travel, safety for sailors, among many other specific uses.

One of the most revered consecrated substance in Christianity is the Holly Chrism which is a mix of olive oil, aromatics and herbs blessed by a priest and used in special sacraments and ceremonies. It is believed that the Chrism carries the Holy Spirit and offers healing, protection and sanctification of the person or object anointed.

Similar practices exist in Buddhism, where consecration ('rabné' which means ‘to make sacred’ in Tibetan) sanctifies items like Thangka images, Stupas and statues.

In Shinto, consecration and purification rituals are used for blessing objects and spaces.

In Sikhism, consecration rituals are done during the placement of the Guru Granth Sahib in a Gurdwara.

In Judaism the concept of consecration is observed in various practices and ceremonies, such as the dedication of objects and places for religious purposes.

In Hinduism, consecration is done through "Prana Pratishtha" ceremonies that infuse deities' idols with spirit, making them worthy of worship.

Although Islam does not traditionally engage in the consecration of objects, it shares with the Maitreya Reiki™ system the pivotal concept of intention (niyyah), emphasizing the believer's internal state, intention, and purity of heart.

In line with these spiritual practices and with a commitment to purity of heart and clear intention, the Maitreya Reiki™ Spiritual Healing System is used to energetically program or consecrate a variety of items, including digital media and physical objects, such as pendants, home ornaments and cosmetic products.

Our digitally programmed mandalas are fundamentally based on the same principle as any Reiki symbol—an image that connects you to a specific energy program with distinct effects, qualities, and a unique type of energy. This connection enables you to achieve the various effects intended by the symbol. In some Reiki systems, Reiki symbols are sung during treatment instead of being visualized, embodying the same principle of energetically programming sound, as in our YouTube videos. Maitreya Reiki™ operates on all levels: physical, emotional, and mental—both conscious and subconscious, as well as the Higher Self and Soul Level. It influences the energy system, auric field, and subtle bodies, capable of repairing any damage they have sustained.

This system, bestowed upon Maitreya—the owner and creator of Maitreya Fields® by the Divine Creator—through extensive meditation and spiritual practice shares the universal religious and spiritual belief in the Divine Creator's omnipotence and responsiveness to our prayers and requests. Our approach does not conflict with any religious beliefs, as far as we are aware, but introduces a powerful, nuanced, and innovative method of Spiritual Healing. We warmly invite you to embark on this spiritual journey with us towards becoming your most beautiful, powerful, and radiant self!