Energetically programmed fields operate irrespective of an individual's conscious sensation of energy. In this blog post, we will consider why this is the case.

An individual possesses a certain frequency or vibration that is continually experienced and emitted into the surrounding environment. When one engages with an energetically programmed field that resonates at a markedly different vibrational frequency than their own, it may be that initially, the energy is felt intensely for the first few days, then the sensation begins to diminish, and may eventually disappear altogether. However, this does not imply that the energetically programmed field has ceased its efficacy for the individual.

In fact, this indicates that the field is being rapidly integrated into the person's energetic system, resulting in a decreased perception of energy or a complete cessation of its sensation.

Another reason for the absence of energy sensation might be the individual's lack of awareness and sensitivity to it. This does not mean the fields are inactive; rather, it simply signifies that the person does not perceive them within their biofield. For one to sense the energy, it is necessary that they have directed their attention to it, engaged in meditation, practiced other energy techniques, or possess an innate ability.

When one works with such tools, it is highly advisable to consciously focus on the changes one seeks, on one's inner world, natural responses, and alterations in the external environment.

For instance, when utilizing a field such as The Finder, it is essential to open one’s mind and direct attention to the external world, where various opportunities will be presented, among which one must choose and take steps towards.

Some fields operate on profound levels and require time to change an individual's internal state.

In my practice with both myself and others, I have observed that when a problem is resolved at its root, it is quite likely and possible for a person to completely forget they ever had it, allowing their life to move forward with the new changes. This is highly beneficial as it signifies that a complete transformation has occurred, and the issue has been entirely eradicated from the individual's consciousness where it typically originates and from whence it is eliminated.

Is it necessary to believe in energetically programmed fields for them to work?


The short answer is No.

What is necessary is for a person to desire change in a particular area and to dedicate sufficient perseverance using a digital mandala, YouTube video, and practical application in the direction they wish to progress.

Sometimes a single field is not enough to resolve an issue. This depends on various factors:

One reason may be that an individual has chosen and utilized an incorrect field that does not meet their needs.

Other reasons include:

Subconscious blockages and patterns that either impede change or extend the time required for the fields to integrate.

A need for more focus and actual effort in the area of desire. For instance, one might acquire a field to increase abundance, which aims to improve their financial situation. However, in reality, the individual will encounter new opportunities in the external world that must be noticed, seized, and worked upon.

Despite these considerations, the fields will continue to work. Some individuals may require two months to integrate a given field, while others may need six months.

This depends on the person's energetic system, the strength of their current blockages, but most importantly, how much they desire the change.

A person who is ready for life change now and has grown weary of their previous state could experience an instantaneous transformation, even in a single day.