To explore and practice the art of being fully present, understanding how this state of awareness can diminish the ego's control and enhance our connection to our true self.

The ego thrives on dwelling in the past and projecting into the future, often leading us away from the richness of the present moment. Presence, or being fully engaged with the here and now, is a powerful state that can weaken the ego's influence, opening us up to a deeper sense of peace and authenticity. This lesson focuses on the power of presence and offers practices to cultivate this essential quality.

Understanding Presence: Presence is the state of full, open, and non-judgmental attention to the current moment and experience.

Ego and Time: The ego is bound by time—regretting the past or fearing the future. Presence liberates us from these temporal constraints.

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Mindfulness Meditation: Begin with a 10-minute mindfulness meditation focusing on your breath. Notice when your mind wanders to past or future thoughts and gently bring your attention back to your breath—your anchor in the present.

Presence Walk: Take a walk outside, dedicating your full attention to the experience. Observe the sights, sounds, and sensations around you without labeling or judgment. Practice being completely absorbed in the act of walking and observing.

Single-Tasking: Choose an activity you normally do on autopilot, like eating or showering. Perform it with full attention, noticing every aspect and sensation.

Cord Cutting: Cutting ties with people, situations, or the past is something that can greatly help someone who wants to free themselves from old energies and stop succumbing to automatic reactions to their past. The digital mandala Cord Cutting can help with this.

DM: Cord Cutting v2
Cut all unhealthy, negative, or positive energetic cords and attachments with all living, non-living, and astral beings, objects, events, all places starting from Inner Earth, Earth, Solar System, and Universe. Field can bring lightness to the physical body, emotional and mental state. Also, you can…


Reflect on your experiences of practicing presence today. How did it feel to engage fully with the present moment? Did you notice a shift in how you felt or perceived your surroundings?